Conversion practices

We need laws to ensure LGBTIQA+ people in South Australia are protected against conversion practices – attempts to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity. 

Conversion practices such as ”praying the gay away” have been repeatedly shown to be extremely damaging to the long-term health and happiness of LGBTIQA+ people. These harmful practices have no place in modern Australia.

We are proud to be supporting survivors of sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts (SOGICE) here in South Australia to see legislation passed that safeguards LGBTIQA+ South Australians from these harmful practices.

The South Australian Labor Party have announced they’re drafting legislation to outlaw the controversial practice of LGBTIQA+ conversion therapy, and the Attorney-General and South Australian Greens have provided in principle support. 

We look forward to the development of this legislation and will advocate to ensure the voices of survivors are at the forefront.

We’re working closely with our partners at Brave Network and Activate Church on this campaign. Read the SOGICE Survivor Statement for more information on the LGBTIQA+ Conversion movement and recommendations for address it.

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