We’re a community run charity working for an LGBTIQA+ inclusive, healthy and safe South Australia.

We advocate for decision-makers to make changes to improve LGBTIQA+ health and rights.

We create opportunities for LGBTIQA+ communities to take action on issues that matter to us.

We increase awareness of LGBTIQA+ experiences in the broader South Australian community.

Latest news

SA Health must consult HIV+ communities in imminent relocation of major Adelaide HIV service during peak monkeypox outbreak

14 August 2022
Earlier this month we were alarmed to hear reports from our HIV positive community that a vital Adelaide CBD HIV service, O’Brien Street General Practice, is being forced to relocate or close within the next 3 months when the lease…

Parent Easy Guide – Transgender and gender diverse children and young people

13 August 2022
Parenting SA have¬†produced a new Parent Easy guide on supporting transgender and gender diverse children and young people! We’re proud to have supported Parenting SA to produce this guide that aims to support parents to support their kids to work…

Funding LGBTIQA+ community and advocacy

04 August 2022
A well resourced peak LGBTIQA+ body charged with promoting and protecting the rights of a priority cohort is essential to making positive system wide change to remove barriers and address discrimination. Yet unlike the youth, disability, aged care, Aboriginal, housing,…

STATEMENT: Manly Sea Eagles pride jersey

26 July 2022
This week Manly Sea Eagles released their ‘Everyone in League’ pride jersey for this Thursday’s game, making them the first club in rugby league history to wear a jersey celebrating LGBTIQA+ inclusion, yet the decision has divided communities with 7…

International Non-Binary People’s Day 2022

14 July 2022
To mark International Non-Binary People’s Day 2022 our Chair Varo spoke with the crew at SAMESH about their experience coming out, how it’s been changing their legal name, as well what SARAA’s been up to lately! Check out the full…

MEDIA: First Nations, transgender woman and broadcaster Charlotte Coulthard-Dare fights for visibility

11 July 2022
The incredible story of South Australian¬† LGBTIQA+ Aboriginal activist Charlotte Coulthard-Dare has been featured by ABC News. Charlotte is a proud Adnyamathanha, Barngarla and Yankunytjatjara transgender woman, radio broadcaster and volunteers on SARAA’s Board. Read the full story here (ABC…

MEDIA: Survivors want legal ban on conversions

30 June 2022
We’re proud to support survivors of sexual orientation and gneder identity change efforts (SOGICE) to fight for a legislative ban on harmful and damaging conversion practices here in South Australia. Yesterday The Sunday Mail published a story featuring Activate Church…

LGBTIQA+ inclusive data collection

25 June 2022
LGBTIQA+ South Australians are frequently not counted in government data or statistics. On an individual level, this serves to invalidate the experiences of LGBTIQA+ people and perpetuate feelings of invisibility for our communities. On a systems level, this systematically erases…

Submission: South Australia’s Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

21 June 2022
South Australia’s Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People aims to help our youngest citizens to start well, grow strong and experience a good life. By reporting data we can all see where efforts are needed to improve outcomes. The…

Consultation with LGBTIQA+ communities

20 May 2022
LGBTIQA+ people are experts in the needs of our own communities. We’re best placed to use our lived experience and unique knowledge to understand how best to support our peers. By effectively and respectfully engaging LGBTIQA+ people in the development…

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