We’re a community run charity working for an LGBTIQA+ inclusive, healthy and safe South Australia.

We advocate for decision-makers to make changes to improve LGBTIQA+ health and rights.

We create opportunities for LGBTIQA+ communities to take action on issues that matter to us.

We increase awareness of LGBTIQA+ experiences in the broader South Australian community.

Featured programs

TransMasc SA Binder Program

Ensuring trans and gender diverse South Australians have affordable and safe access to chest binders. Request a binder TransMasc SA’s…

Rainbow Realities Video Series

Rainbow Realities II: Listen, Speak Up, Stand Up! (IDAHOBIT 2023 Release) SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance are proud to present the…

Gender affirming healthcare

We need life saving gender affirming care to be accessible for all trans and gender diverse South Australians. Everyone deserves…

Conversion practices

Warning: This page contains discussion of homophobia, harassment and conversion practices. If you need help, contact QLife on 1800 184 527. …

Latest news

AFL Player Uses Homophobic Slur

09 April 2024
On the weekend Port Adelaide player, Jeremy Finlayson, used a homophobic slur against an opposition player from Essendon during a game. Unfortunately homophobic language in the AFL isn’t new, casual homophobia is still being used in male sports teams and…

Request For Update O’Brien St

19 March 2024
An open letter requesting an update on the O’Brien Street relocation was sent to The Honourable Chris Picton (Minister for Health and Wellbeing) and Dr Emma McCahon (Chief Executive Officer, Central Adelaide Local Health Network) on 26th February 2024. We…

Media release on NSW Conversion Practices Bill

14 March 2024
SARAA has released a statement on the Conversion Practices Bill 2024 released in New South Wales on Wednesday 13 March 2024. You can read it here.

Collectively bringing an end to conversion practices

26 February 2024
Did you see the article in The Advertiser on our amazing board member, Jace Reh and their experience of surviving conversion practices in a small country town in South Australia? You can check it out on our Conversion Practices page,…

Submission: Human Rights Act for SA

12 February 2024
Parliament of South Australia’s Social Development Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the potential for a Human Rights Act for South Australia. SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance prepared a submission supporing a Human Rights Act in South Australia on the basis…

UPDATE: Harmful SA parliamentary inquiry withdrawn!

07 February 2024
Independent MLC Frank Pangallo has officially withdrawn his motion proposing a Parliamentary inquiry into gender affirming care! Thanks to the SA Labor Party, the SA Greens and Michelle Lensink MLC who publicly committed to voting down the inquiry, the motion…

Gender affirming care not up for debate

06 February 2024
Life saving gender affirming healthcare is once again under attack, with the South Australian Parliament set to vote on a nation-first inquiry into gender affirming care tomorrow. The inquiry proposed by Independent MLC Frank Pangallo serves to politicise the safe, high-quality…

Labor confronted on gay conversion vow

05 February 2024
This week our Board member Jace Reh spoke out about his experiences of conversion practices. I remember him turning around to me and saying ‘if you just stop thinking your gay thoughts, God will forgive you’. Bans are already in…

ABS 2026 Census Consultation Submission

12 December 2023
We note that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has a “Standard for Sex, Gender, Variations of Sex Characteristics and Sexual Orientation Variables, 2020 (“2020 Standard”)“, however this data did not form part of the 2021 Census. As a result, LGBTIQA+…

State Disability Action Plan

11 December 2023
Unfortunately at the current time, members of the LGBTQIA+ community are not a priority target of the state disability inclusion plan. This results in a lack of explicit consideration of our communities’ needs within the design, development and evaluation of…

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