TransMasc SA Binder Program

Ensuring trans and gender diverse South Australians have affordable and safe access to chest binders.

TransMasc SA

TransMasc SA’s Binder Program provides new and used chest binders free to trans and gender diverse South Australians who need them but can’t afford them.

Chest binders are essential gender affirming wear for many trans and gender diverse people and can be a huge confidence booster that promotes gender euphoria. For many trans and gender diverse people chest binders are essential to promoting positive mental health.

Yet chest binders are incredibly difficult to access due to significant cost and limited availability. When chest binders aren’t available, trans and gender diverse people sometimes turn to unsafe binding practices that result in negative physical health outcomes.

The Binder Program aims to ensure trans and gender diverse South Australians have affordable and safe access to chest binders. This is an initiative of TransMasc SA, proudly supported by SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance.

Who can access a binder

To access a binder you must:

  • live in South Australia
  • identify as trans or gender diverse
  • currently experience financial hardship (we don’t ask invasive questions or require evidence for this, we’ll take your word for it)
  • be requesting a binder for yourself, not on behalf of someone else
  • not have previously received a binder through the program.

If you’re aged 15 or younger you’ll also need consent from a parent or guardian. We can help talk to your parent or guardian about binders and wellbeing if you think it might be helpful.

There are limited number of binders available. Binders are allocated on a first in basis. Help us support more trans and gender diverse people by donating to the program. Please Note: There is currently no stock of binders in sizes small, medium and large, however their is a waitlist so please do still fill out a request form.

How to access a binder

How to donate a binder

If you have a pre-loved gently used binder that you no longer use, pay it forward and help us find it a new home! To donate a pre-loved binder:

  1. Check it’s in good condition.
  2. Give it a good wash.
  3. Post it or drop it during business hours to either:
C/O TransMasc SA
SHINE SA Hyde Street Practice
57 Hyde Street, Adelaide
SA 5000
C/O TransMasc SA
SHINE SA Woodville
64c Woodville Road, Woodville
SA 5011

Program Impact

Our Binder Program makes an important difference to the lives of trans and gender diverse South Australians.

In the first 6 months pilot of operations, we distributed a total of 58 garments to eligible trans and gender South Australians.

Many recipients were young trans and gender diverse South Australians with a mental illness, with 92% of applicants aged under 26 and 52% of applicants reporting having a mental illness.

Improving mental health is a primary motivator for applicants accessing the program, with 60 applicants providing qualitative responses indicating they expect to see:

  • improved mental health
  • decreased gender dysphoria
  • increased confidence and self-worth
  • increased rates of affirmation from others.

We’re proud to achieve this impact for our community and are focused on seeking future funding to support this important program.

Frequently asked questions

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