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Kelly Vincent

Policy & Project Officer

Kelly, with short red hair and black glasses smiles wearing a black dress. Behind her, a tree with s purple ribbon around the trunk

Kelly is honoured to be SARAA’s first employee. She comes to the role with a background in policy, especially understanding how policy impacts marginalised communities. Between 2010 and 2018, Kelly was a Member of the Legislative Council for the Dignity Party. Now, she works three days a week at SARAA helping them to implement and run their Community Advisory Group, as well as assisting with policy drafting, social media, and whatever is needed to keep SARAA doing its vital work. Kelly is also the Creative Director of a new disabled persons’ theatre company, True Ability, and works on a freelance basis as a disability advocate, policy adviser, and public speaker. Kelly is proudly queer, disabled, and autistic.

our Board

The South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance (SARAA) is governed by a volunteer Board of passionate LGBTIQ+ advocates.

matthew morris

Matthew Morris

Chair (he/him)

Matt has spent the last several years working in community service roles spanning homelessness, domestic violence and, most recently, support for the LGBTIQA+ community. He has a passion for social justice and inclusive community services and in recent years has been a member of various advocacy and advisory groups associated with domestic violence and the LGBTIQA+ community.

 Matt lives in Adelaide’s northeast with his partner, Anthony, and holds qualifications in psychology and counselling.

picture of lucy

Lucy Hackworth

Secretary (she/her)

Lucy currently works with schools to increase support of LGBTIQA+ students & as an LGBTIQA+ Project Officer. She has been working in the Adelaide queer scene for many years, having been a previous Feast Festival Board Director and coordinator of the Queer Youth Drop In. She has a Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. Lucy is passionate about building inclusive spaces, recognising intersectional discrimination, and mobilising communities for action.


Holley Skene

Board member (she/her)

Holley Skene is a passionate health and human rights advocate who works in the field of sexual and relationship wellbeing. She holds qualifications in community and not-for-profit management, public health, social sciences and psychology and has also worked in the disability and mental health sectors.

Now pursuing an interest in governance of community organisations, Holley has volunteered on the Board of Feast Festival as Deputy Chair (2014-2016) and sits on a community advisory panel of the Adelaide Primary Health Network. Holley has also been a member of Let's Get Equal, and continues to support law reform efforts in her personal time.

Holley is married to Alana and, together with their 2-year old and Spoodle, loves their little home and life near the beach in the Western suburbs of Adelaide.

frenchy #1

Carol Hannaford

Board member (she/her)

Carolyn Hannaford is the SA representative for the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia, and represents the Intersex community on the Board.

Intersex people are born with physical or biological sex characteristics that are more diverse than the stereotypical definition for male and female bodies. There are more than 40 known Intersex variations which are estimated to make up nearly 2% of the population – as common as redheads!

Born in 1952 and growing up in an era of secrecy, shame, ignorance, lack of information and limited medical understanding, Carolyn is passionate about creating change and improving information and support pathways for the benefit of future Intersex people.

In March 2017 Carolyn was privileged to be a select participant in the development of the historic Darlington Statement, a joint consensus statement by Australian and New Zealand Intersex organisations and independent advocates that sets out priorities and calls by the Intersex movement in both countries.

board member Jae-Marie

Jae Marie

Board member

Jae lives with a disability, is a queer woman and is studying an Honours degree in Psychology at the University of Adelaide, focusing on sexual health. After experiencing difficulties accessing sexual health services she became passionate about improving, advocating for and promoting sexual health services and education. She hopes to pursue a career in this field.

Varo bio


Treasurer (they/them)

Varo is a queer non-binary policy, governance and advocacy specialist. Varo currently works in Policy Development at the SA Housing Authority, is a Board member at national renters advocacy organisation Better Renting, and has a broad background in law, politics and grassroots campaigning. Varo holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Bachelor of International Studies and Graduate Certificate in Public Policy.

Cherrie Rogers

Cherrie Rogers

Board member (they/them)

Cherrie is a peer educator who advocates for the health, rights and wellbeing of South Australian sex workers. After 10 years of lived experience in both the sex worker and BDSM community, Cherrie has developed a passion for raising awareness for marginalised communities and embracing intersectionality.

In their spare time, Cherrie enjoys flooding their home and office with plants and getting lost within some form of art or craft project.

Rajini Vasan

Rajini (Raj) Vasan

Board member (she/her)

A graduate in Hotel Management, Raj has over 20 years’ experience in a Sales and Marketing environment, within the Hospitality, Tourism, Arts, Sports and Charity sectors with experience spanning India, Australia and the Middle East.

Gender mainstreaming approaches overlook most problems faced by the LGBTQI community, further exacerbated for women of color, migrants, refugees and people with disabilities. Raj is a proud ally and through her work with a dedicated and passionate Board, hopes to learn and connect with the most marginalised communities and together, challenge phobias and advocate for civil rights, gender equality within an intersectional framework and LGBTQI social movements.

Vale Ian Purcell
The Board acknowledges and honours the contribution of Ian Purcell to the Australian and South Australian LGBTIQ Community over decades of activism.  Ian who passed in 2016, was the first Chairperson of the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance and the GLHA that preceded it.  His wisdom and humanity will be much missed.

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