Trans Day of Visibility 2022

Trans Day of Visibility is a day to celebrate the joy in being fully accepted – by others and by yourself. It’s a day to show leadership just by being yourself, because that shows others they can do it too!

In 2022 we celebrated trans pride by sharing stories of 25 incredible trans and gender diverse South Australians. Check them out below!

But Trans Day of Visibility is also a day to do what queer communities have always done well: band together to drive change based on our shared experiences.

That’s why we called on trans allies to sign our petition to demand timely and accessible gender affirming healthcare for trans South Australians.

The reason I’m proud to be an out and visible trans person is because trans visibility is what made me realize that you can be happy and trans.
You can be safe and trans. You can be successful and trans. It’s not an either/or situation.
Since accepting that I was trans I’ve been a happier, safer and more successful person than I ever used to be, because I was finally able to be myself.
Lucy, 23, Peer Project Worker, Morphett Vale
Understanding your gender is such a beautiful, enlightening experience. The clarity of the understanding when you literally have to learn who you are from scratch is amazing. I think that’s something worth celebrating.
Jacinta, 29, Data entry operator, Hazelwood Park Vale
Trans Day of Visibility means that I am acknowledged as being acceptable the way I am, not broken like I’ve been told in my youth.
William, 25, Freelance Artist, Kulpara
Trans Day of Visibility is a day that lets me see that I can exist in the world, that celebrates people like me and helps me know I’m not alone.”
Teddy, 23, Science Communicator, Adelaide
What I love about being nonbinary is having the ability to embrace my truth and be me.
Being trans can be considered a curse because we weren’t born the way we were “supposed to be”. Trans Day of Visibility is a day for our voices to be heard.. to tell people this is who we are and who we’ve always been.
But we also need to continue to strive for change within the cisgender heterosexual communities. To encourage education, acceptance and support from our allies. Have them not relate to us, but be by our sides in our time of need..”
Ditto, 18, Online cosplayer, Ridgehaven
Trans Day of Visibility means I know I’m not alone. I feel surrounded by other trans and gender diverse people and we can all celebrate together. It means visibility and visibility means affirmation.
Jody, 50, Community Worker & Leather Community Member, Queenstown
The most magical moment in the world is when I embrace myself, embrace my whole self, past and present and say isn’t it wonderful to be me? If I were cis, I probably wouldn’t be the strong empowered person I am today!!
Heather, 50, Ghost Hunter and YouTuber, Windsor Gardens
Simply being visible out in the community makes one an activist. It states: here I am, here is my voice. I exist, I am part of the community. I am valid as myself. People believe – & insist – that they have every right to be themselves, to live their lives as they choose. Which is all I, or any Trans person, asks
Luci, 51, Sawmill worker & writer, Mount Gambier

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