Other Forms of Sponsorship

SARAA is searching for organisations in South Australia who want to assist effective positive change for the LGBTIQA+ community by sponsoring our organisation, an event or another form of in kind support or fundraising for us to continue making positive change. 

SARAA (South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance) is a community run charity working for an LGBTIQA+ inclusive, healthy and safe South Australia. We do this by:

  • Advocating for decision-makers to make changes to improve LGBTIQA+ health and rights.
  • Creating opportunities for LGBTIQA+ communities to take action on issues that matter to us.
  • Increasing awareness of LGBTIQA+ experiences in the broader South Australian community.

You can see the work we are doing in the areas of Advocacy, Community and Awareness by following this link:

It is great to see many businesses, organisations and community groups recognising LGBTIQA+ days of significance like IDAHOBIT, Pride Month (June) or Wear it Purple. Although visibility and awareness is very important, taking steps to be a proactive ally demonstrates your organisation is serious about diversity and inclusion, recognising that these create a better world for all to live, work and thrive. 

SARAA is currently looking for possible business sponsors:

  • With a venue in the CBD that could be used to hold a members meeting on a weekday evening, 4 times per year with capacity of up to 50 people.
  • Non-alcoholic drink sponsor to supply drinks for up to 50 people 4 member events during the year. 
  • Either a fast food or supermarket sponsor to supply light meals or finger food for up to 50 people, for 2 or 4 member events during the year.
  • Event sponsors for some of our significant LGBTIQA+ events during the year including IDAHOBIT 17th May, Ian Purcell Oration as part of Adelaide Feast Festival in November, 
  • Sponsor equipment hire (PA, generator, flat bed truck) for Adelaide Pride March, end October with the sponsor business marching together with the charity. 
  • Pride product or service collaboration, creating a pride product for Pride month or another major LGBTIQA+ event with proceeds going towards a charity like SARAA. 
  • Create your fundraising event as part of an LGBTIQA+ significant day during the year with funds going to a charity like SARAA.

Please contact us for more information on any of the above opportunities.

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