Governing documents

Business plan 2022/23

Heading into the 2022/23 financial year, we’ve got some pretty big plans on the horizon.

Check out our priorities for this year in our Business Plan 2022/23.

Annual reports

As part of our commitment to transparency and good governance, the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance (SARAA) publishes an annual report highlighting our activities and achievements during the year.

You can read our annual reports below:

Strategic plan

SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance’s Strategic Plan 2021-23 sets out 3 strategic priorities for SARAA.


Advocate for LGBTIQA+ health and rights
  • Work with governments, decision-makers, partner organisations and our community, to advocate for law and policy reform
  • Provide proactive and reactive policy advice to to improve the health and rights of LGBTIQA+ people.
  • Develop a public policy platform articulating our advocacy priorities.
  • Engage and empower LGBTIQA+ communities and allies.
  • Engage traditional media outlets to raise awareness of LGBTIQA+ health and rights.
Build our community
  • Establish an LGBTIQA+ Community Advisory Group to ensure community voices inform South Australian law, policy and program planning.
  • Create spaces and opportunities for LGBTIQA+ communities to discuss issues that matter to them.
  • Strengthen our  engagement with LGBTIQA+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culturally diverse communities.
  • Grow our digital communities.
  • Continue to work in partnership with other LGBTIQA+ organisations and allies.
  • Explore a membership based model.
  • Regularly communicate our work to our supporters.
Develop our governance and sustainability
  • Secure grant income and explore other revenue sources.
  • Explore the option of registering for charity and DGR status with the ACNC.
  • Ensure our Board is appropriately skilled to lead SARAA.
  • Develop frameworks that enable us to measure and demonstrate our impact.
  • Develop organisational policies and procedures that support us to practice good governance.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution is our governing document that sets out a roadmap for how our organisation is run. It includes:

  • our charitable purposes
  • that we operates on a not-for-profit basis
  • the way that our Board makes decisions and operates.


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