SA Police GLLO (Gay & Lesbian Liaison Officers) Review.

In June 2023, SAPOL requested feedback on the experiences LGBTIQA+ South Australians had with the GLLO program and SAPOL officers in general, in relation to LGBTIQA+ matters.

SARAA staff Brett and Becc met 2 staff in person on 14th June 2023:

  1. Juliette Jones, Head of Diversity and Inclusion Branch for SAPOL
  2. Sergeant Lauren Solly, Policy and Development Officer – Diversity and Inclusion Branch for SAPOL

Representing our community, we gave the following feedback:

  • SARAA is keen to work with SAPOL to improve the GLLO program and the relationship between SAPOL and the LGBTIQA+ Community
  • SARAA recognises that there are people in SAPOL that are keen to see major improvements in the GLLO program and its relationship with the LGBTIQA+ community, however it is important to recognise that there is a long history of police violence, harassment and discrimination experienced by LGBTIQA+ people.
  • Making contact with GLLO officers, website states GLLO officers in every station. Brett personally rang Hindley Street who said they don’t have one. Rang Angus St Headquarters. Person didn’t know what GLLO was, even after explanation they had no idea. Was recommended to contact community engagement, rang and left multiple messages and had no luck making any contact. Had other people tell us that they were informed by SA Police that the GLLO program no longer exists.
  • Other states are doing a lot of proactive work in this area, like VIC Police, 450 officers involved in their program, education and training, visible rainbow lapels worn at community events (LGBTIQA+, AFLW and AFL games)
  • Would the review consider hearing stories in person, much more impactful and gives the opportunity to express their experiences to a person in real life, knowing their story is being heard.
  • Homophobic language use at an AFL game, not actioned by security, escalated to SAPOL who after having a discussion, the person was aggressive and intoxicated, escorted person out of stadium but never recorded the persons details which meant no followed up was possible. There is a no tolerance policy for racism but not the same processes followed for homophobia
  • Harassment by anti-trans hate groups at Pride of the South event. SAPOL spoke to them but didn’t move them on. They were harassing individuals, surely this is disturbing the peace. Standing between event and public toilets and food vans. Signs saying child groomers, kids are not sex toys. People felt very intimidated, didn’t feel comfortable using bathrooms, some people had to leave the event as it was so triggering for their mental health and well being on a day that was about celebration and creating safety and community. 

We provided ideas on aspects we would like to see introduced:

  • Training and promotion of the program, ensuring officers at the cold face and basic training across the board. 
  • Awareness training including intersectionality of our community.
  • Visibility of the program, posters in every station, something visible to be worn at community events by GLLO officers. 
  • LGBTIQA+ specifics included in domestic violence training.
  • No full uniforms included in people marching in pride marches (no guns)
  • acknowledgement that our community has faced prejudice and discrimination from SAPOL – SAPOL to acknowledge the historical harm done to our community, ongoing harms and need to do so much more to make our communities feel safe – including those intersections with Aboriginal and CALD queer people who also experience racial profiling and over policing on top of queerphobia.
  • Consider a more inclusive name rather than GLLO.

Juliette and Lauren agreed to meet some community members in person to listen to their personal stories. SARAA members were invited to be involved a small group gathering on 6th October 2023 to share their experiences and make recommendations:

Through discussions on the day, it was agreed the following documents would be forwarded to Juliette and Lauren:

  • The Spargo report – The Police and You Equity and Diversity in the South Australia Police
  • Towards a safe place LGBTIQA+ domestic violence information and resource booklet.
  • Fuelling Hate Report by Trans Justice Project


These were 3 recommendations made on the day for the SAPOL diversity team to action:

  • Visibility is key – epaulets great idea
  • Education, communication and understanding – these are key
  • Incentivise police to learn about the Rainbow Community


SARAA is following up with correspondence in January 2024 with the SAPOL Diversity team and will request an update for our community. 


Above is SARAA members, staff and staff from SAPOL Diversity and Inclusion Department.

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