Support for schools and educators

LGBTIQA+ students and young people deserve to learn in supportive and welcoming educational settings where they feel safe, seen and heard.

Below you can find some resources to provide your school on LGBTIQA+ inclusion.

You can also contact the Department’s Engagement and Wellbeing team at for specific advice and support.

South Australian government schools and preschools

The Department for Education provides a range of policies, training, advice and support for South Australian government schools.

Check out their website for a range of available resources including:

Training on LGBTIQA+ inclusion

SHINE SA provide a range of programs for educators and schools to provide inclusive relationships and sexual health education.

Check out SHINE SA’s resources for schools and educators.

Your rights at school as a trans and gender diverse young person

The Department for Education requires schools to support gender diverse students to:

  • use a chosen name and pronouns at school
  • use toilet and changeroom facilities that match their gender identity
  • express their gender through their school uniform
  • feel included in excursions, camps and overnight stays
  • participate in physical education and sport in a way that aligns with their gender.

For more information see the Department’s procedure on supporting young people to affirm their gender identity.

For more information about your legal rights at school as a trans or gender diverse young person, check out this resource from Justice Connect.

If you need help telling your teacher about your name and/ or gender change, check out TransHealth SA’s template letter here.

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