We raise awareness of LGBTIQA+ experiences in the broader South Australian community.

Our goal is to make South Australia a more inclusive State for LGBTIQA+ South Australians.

To raise awareness we:

  • share stories of LGBTIQA+ experiences with the broader South Australian community
  • support South Australians to be LGBTIQA+ allies
  • motivate our allies to take action with us on issues that matter to us.

Rainbow Realities Video Series

Rainbow Realities II: Listen, Speak Up, Stand Up! (IDAHOBIT 2023 Release) SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance are proud to present the…

LGBTIQA+ inclusion training for crisis and suicide prevention organisations

We’re growing the pool of LGBTIQA+ inclusive and safe suicide prevention services in South Australia Thanks to generous funding from…

LGBTIQA+ days of significance

LGBTIQA+ days of significance provide our communities with an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and increase awareness about our needs.…

Learn about trans and gender diverse people

Transgender and gender diverse describes people whose gender identity differs from the sex they had or were presumed or identified…

Learn about intersex people

Intersex people have innate sex characteristics that don’t fit medical and social norms for female or male bodies, and that…

Learn about asexuality

Asexuality is a sexual orientation defined by a lack of sexual attraction to any person of any gender. This has…

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