HIV+ healthcare

Quality accessible healthcare is vital for all South Australians, but especially people living with HIV who need timely treatment to stay healthy.

That’s why we’re concerned to hear reports from our HIV positive community that a vital Adelaide CBD HIV service, O’Brien Street General Practice who serve around 250 HIV+ patients and have supported our community for the last 30+ years, is being forced to relocate within the next 3 months when the lease for its premises expires.

A lack of consultation and communication by SA Health is understandably causing significant fear and distress amongst an already vulnerable cohort. Our communities are once again being left in the dark with no say in decisions central to their health. 

As HIV positive South Australians and the sexual health services who support them currently battle with the impact of the monkeypox virus (MPXV), the timing of these changes could not be worse.

We need your help to make HIV+ South Australians heard. Sign the petition and call on SA Health to provide continuity of quality and accessible care for O’Brien Street patients.

“I’m devastated that this will potentially be another HIV service that will bite the dust with bureaucracy standing by doing nothing. .. Nothing has been done to facilitate a smooth transition.” – O’Brien Street patient

What's happening on this issue?

Request For Update O’Brien St

19 March 2024
An open letter requesting an update on the O’Brien Street relocation was sent to The Honourable Chris Picton (Minister for Health and Wellbeing) and Dr Emma McCahon (Chief Executive Officer, Central Adelaide Local Health Network) on 26th February 2024. We requested an update with the following questions: 1. Has a new location for O’Brien Street Practice been selected? 2. What is the timeframe for services transitioning from the current location to a new location? 3. What actions are being taken to ensure there is no further reduction in services from the levels currently offered at O’Brien Street Practice as a…

Campaign update: O’Brien Street Practice Relocation

23 November 2022
Since local HIV+ community advocates reached out to us to support their work in August, our collective voice has resulted in CALHN taking active steps to consult with patients and smoothly transition the service. To keep you up to date on this important issue, we’ve outlined the latest updates below. Report to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing In August to September, Professor Judith Dwyer AM, CALHN Board was appointed by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing to engage stakeholders about their concerns, meet with CALHN and DHW representatives to clarify options and produce a report outlining recommendations. In consultation…

O’Brien Street General Practice consultation

4 September 2022
O’Brien Street Practice Consumer Forum RSVP here Date: Thursday 8 September Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm Location: online via Microsoft Teams Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) are hosting a consumer forum to discuss upcoming changes at the O’Brien Street General Practice. The forum will provide an overview of the O’Brien Street Practice’s need to relocate to an alternative location due to challenges with its current physical location. At the forum you will be able to provide input into what CALHN needs to consider in relation to the services delivered by the practice and what involvement, supports and information you would…

Minister Picton responds to concerns about O’Brien Street Practice closure

29 August 2022
After continued advocacy by LGBTIQA+ South Australians calling for stronger communication and consultation with our communities regarding the closure of HIV+ services at O’Brien Street Practice, Minister Picton has responded. Minister Picton has confirmed there are no plans for the government to reduce services from those currently offered at O’Brien Street General Practice and has appointed Professor Judith Dwyer, Member of the CALHN Governing Board to work with stakeholders to ensure service continuity and accessibility. Read the full letter here.

21 August 2022: Update on changes to O’Brien Street Practice

21 August 2022
Kelly, SARAA’s Policy Officer gives an update on what we know following our advocacy regarding changes to O’Brien Street General Practice. Check out all the latest on this issue on our website.

MEDIA: ‘More salt in the wound’: Concern for LGBTIQA+ health clinic’s future

15 August 2022
Big thanks to InDaily who covered changes to the O’Brien Street General Practice. “I think it’s fair to say the community is very angered and hurt by the lack of communication and transparency that has happened in this conversation so far. – Kelly Vincent, SARAA Policy Officer Check out our advocacy on this issue here.

SA Health must consult HIV+ communities in imminent relocation of major Adelaide HIV service during peak monkeypox outbreak

14 August 2022
Earlier this month we were alarmed to hear reports from our HIV positive community that a vital Adelaide CBD HIV service, O’Brien Street General Practice, is being forced to relocate or close within the next 3 months when the lease for its premises expires. O’Brien Street General Practice provides essential prevention and management treatments for around 250 South Australians living with HIV. Established in 1991 as a joint partnership with SA Health, the service has been crucial for many LGBTIQA+ South Australians over the last 30 years. Governance of the service is currently managed by SA Health’s Central Adelaide Local…

Spotlight on O’Brien Street Practice for World AIDS Day

7 February 2022
1 December is World AIDS Day, a day to raise awareness across the world and in the community about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. We thank the Honourable Robert Simms MLC, Greens Member of the Legislative Council, for speaking about World AIDS Day in South Australian Parliament. Importantly Robert asked the Attorney-General about the latest approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment for HIV and AIDS in South Australia and for an update on the relocation of the services of the O’Brien Street clinic. You can watch the Parliamentary proceedings here. We look forward to the response from the Honourable…

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