MEDIA: SA Tertiary Institutions are not accommodating trans students

Big thanks to CityMag for their recent feature article highlighting misnaming and misgendering of our trans young people by tertiary education institutions. SARAA’s Policy & Project Officer Kelly Vincent said:

We get contacted by people who were misgendered at school, university, even following them into adulthood [and] in the workplace. It has had a devastating impact.

People know who they are inside and out – and to constantly have that ignored and put down because people assume they know better than you, when you’ve lived in your body and your mind your entire life, is incredibly demeaning, especially when you’ve taken a long time to find that out.

Kelly Vincent says the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance is calling for a “whole of government approach” regarding diversity inclusion, including naming and gendering, among youth.

It’s really important that we get this consistent so that your human rights don’t vary depending on which agency you’re visiting or which school you happen to attend.


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