Campaign update: O’Brien Street Practice Relocation

Since local HIV+ community advocates reached out to us to support their work in August, our collective voice has resulted in CALHN taking active steps to consult with patients and smoothly transition the service.

To keep you up to date on this important issue, we’ve outlined the latest updates below.

Report to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing

In August to September, Professor Judith Dwyer AM, CALHN Board was appointed by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing to engage stakeholders about their concerns, meet with CALHN and DHW representatives to clarify options and produce a report outlining recommendations.

In consultation with 24 stakeholders, the report recognises the complex health needs of people living with HIV, the important role O’Brien Street plays and the concerns caused in our communities created by a lack of effective consultation. It calls for a new location in the Adelaide CBD that provides culturally appropriate care. You can read the full report here.

Actions to ensure continuity of care

The CALHN team have also provided us with an update on actions they’ve taken:

  • Established an O’Brien Street Practice Relocation Group with representatives from CALHN, the Communicable Disease Control Branch, RDNS, Mosaic (Relationships Australia), SAMESH, and consumer representatives.
  • Identified locations in the Adelaide CBD and working to conduct a site visit and further clarify the lease conditions and features of these sites.
  • Developing a case management transition plan to support O’Brien Street Practice patients during the relocation period.
  • Providing information to patients and the community about the relocation via CALHN’s O’Brien Street Practice website, information displayed in the practice and information available at LGBTIQA+ events.
  • Maintaining a feedback mailbox for patients and community members to raise questions of a general nature, or specific to individual care needs.

CALHN will continue to provide updates to our community on their website at

What’s next?

We know its still early in the relocation process, but we’re heartened to see this positive progress from CALHN.

We’re committed to working with our communities to ensure our voices are heard so that a suitable site is secured and a smooth transition to the new location occurs.

If you have any questions or concerns about the relocation process we strongly encourage you to raise them with CALHN team by emailing

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