ABS 2026 Census Consultation Submission

We note that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has a “Standard for Sex, Gender, Variations of Sex Characteristics and Sexual Orientation Variables, 2020 (“2020 Standard”)”, however this data did not form part of the 2021 Census. As a result, LGBTIQA+ Australians are frequently not counted in government data or statistics.

On an individual level, this serves to invalidate the experiences of LGBTIQA+ people and perpetuate feelings of invisibility for our communities.

On a systems level, this systematically erases LGBTIQA+ identities and means we’re left behind when policies, laws and services are planned.

In public policy making and service design, we know that what gets measured matters. So when data collection excludes us, we lack the evidence base to demonstrate the need for healthcare, housing, aged care and other essential services for our community.

*Please note this submission was made in April 2023

SARAA’S Submission

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