Request For Update O’Brien St

An open letter requesting an update on the O’Brien Street relocation was sent to The Honourable Chris Picton (Minister for Health and Wellbeing) and Dr Emma McCahon (Chief Executive Officer, Central Adelaide Local Health Network) on 26th February 2024.
We requested an update with the following questions:
1. Has a new location for O’Brien Street Practice been selected?
2. What is the timeframe for services transitioning from the current location to a new
3. What actions are being taken to ensure there is no further reduction in services from the
levels currently offered at O’Brien Street Practice as a result of the relocation?
4. How many times has the O’Brien Street Practice Relocation Group met and what were
the outcomes from these meetings?
5. Are there any other updates you can provide for us to share with our community?

Please see attached letter below

Obrien St letter feb 24

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