SA Health update LGBTIQA+ survey questions

After consulting with SARAA, The Department of Health and Wellbeing SA Health endorsed 2 additional questions to be added to the ‘SA Consumer Experience Surveillance System (SACESS) Survey’. This survey is conducted randomly by a small number of patients after hospital discharges. Data related questions on consumer experiences now include questions on sex, gender, variation of sex and sexual orientation.
LGBTQIA+ inclusive data collection on forms and in statistics is vital to:
– encouraging LGBTIQA+ people to feel safe and included
– demonstrating to LGBTIQA+ people that the service is a safe and supportive place for them
– identifying barriers and gaps in service provision for LGBTIQA+ communities
– developing strategies and approaches to create LGBTIQA+ appropriate services
– changing practice to include LGBTIQA+ communities.
For further information on LGBTIQA+ data collection, see our website:
consumer experience report

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