Vision for SA Pride 2030

South Australia has a proud history of being a champion at the forefront of LGBTIQA+ rights, as the first State to decriminalise homosexuality in 1975.

But in recent years we’ve slipped behind, being the last State to abolish the outdated gay panic defence.

Developed by over 600 LGBTIQA+ South Australians and their allies, our Vision for SA Pride 2030 calls on our leaders to reinstate the pride of South Australia by creating a healthy, safe and inclusive community for LGBTIQA+ South Australians.

We need our leaders to act to:

– protect the equality and safety of LGBTIQA+ people under the law
– improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ people
– include and supporting LGBTIQA+ people in our education systems
– represent and lead for LGBTIQA+ communities.

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