LETTER: LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the South Australian Public Sector

Joint letter by

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SA Pride at Work

In 2021, our LGBTIQA+ Community Advisory Group made a number of recommendations related to LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the workplace.

They shared both positive experiences of inclusion, for example employers using correct pronouns and workplaces encouraging LGBTIQA+ inclusivity training, and negative experiences of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, including experiences of being outed to other employees by their manager without their consent.

Their experience was that homophobia and transphobia significantly limited their ability to participate and feel safe in the workplace.

As the largest employer in South Australia, the South Australian Public Sector has a key role to play in leading LGBTIQA+ inclusion. Yet results from the 2021 I WORK FOR SA Your Voice Survey that employees continue to experience discrimination on the basis of their sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

We partnered with Pride at Work SA to write to the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment calling on the government to:

  • Publicly publish all SA public sector agency Diversity and inclusion plans pursuant to the South Australian Public Sector Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Plan 2019-21.
  • Take action to address LGBTIQA+ workplace discrimination following reports of discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity in the results of the 2021 I WORK FOR SA Your Voice Survey.
  • Make the ‘LGBTIQ Inclusive Communities Benefit Everyone’ training mandatory for all public sector employees.
  • Mandate the implementation of the DHS Data Collection and Gender Guideline across government, including in customer service and internal employee data systems.
  • Promote celebration on LGBTIQA+ days of significance across the public sector.
  • Promote adding pronouns as a standard for all email signatures across the public sector.
  • Develop a Workplace gender affirmation policy that provides guidance for public sector leaders supporting employees transitioning in the workplace.

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