Queer Youth Empowerment Project

SARAA’s Queer Youth Empowerment Project empowers young LGBTIQA+ South Australian leaders to build supportive and resilient communities that are equipped to make positive change. We do this through our:

  • Queer Emerging Leaders Summit
  • Peer supporter program

To keep up to date with on this project or express your interest in being involved, fill out the form below or email us at queeryouth@saraa.org.au.

Queer Emerging Leaders Summit 

In late 2022 SARAA will host a one day summit, bringing together LGBTIQA+ young people aged 16-25 from across South Australia. This will be an opportunity to build on current skills, knowledge and networks to support young people who are interested in creating meaningful change in our community and showcasing their voices.

Movers and shakers, from different backgrounds and levels of experience will lead panel conversations and workshops delivering practical skills on a range of topics including:

  • Movement building & theories of change
  • Understanding our community: spotlight on asexual, intersex, disabled and First Nations voices
  • Facilitation 101
  • Stories of self & storytelling in advocacy
  • Resilience and self care
  • Your rights re: discrimination 
  • Activism, Advocacy and campaigning
  • Planning for social change & campaigning tools
  • Engaging with the media & developing key messages
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Peer supporter program

The LGBTIQA+ community is powered by people with lived experience stepping into leadership roles, to create positive social change via peer support. 

Our goal is to collaborate with people based in South Australia who are community facilitators of peer support to deepen a strong and resilient network for people who support our community. By coming together we can share learnings about different experiences of community organising, develop new skills, and access resources. 

Peer supporters are champions of the LGBTIQA+ community, and we want to have their backs.

Workshop meetings will be held monthly between August and December 2022 with some additional formal training packages offered to volunteer support people.

The program will be designed in collaboration with the peer supporter participants. With the goal to encourage participants share skillsets & knowledge on a range of topics which may include :

  • Better understanding our roles as peer supporters & knowing our scope
  • Facilitation, useful tools and conflict resolution
  • Resilience, creating healthy boundaries and self care
  • Allyship to create more inclusive spaces for disabled folk, First Nations peoples, and people of colour
  • Governance structures and managing risks 
  • Accessing Mental Health First Aid training  
  • Responding to disclosures of family and domestic violence & sexual violence
  • Providing referrals and understanding what support services are available
  • Providing advocacy and theories of change
  • Engaging with the Media 101
  • Fundraising and managing finances 

These sessions will provide a platform for LGBTIQA+ youth peer supporters to come together, talk about the challenges they face, what makes a successful peer supporter, highlighting best practices and enhance skills that encourage a healthy and sustainable practice.

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