Binder Program 6 month Impact Report

Today TransMascSA and SARAA are proud to release data from the first 6 months of our Binder Program, a volunteer run community initiative ensuring trans and gender diverse South Australians have affordable and safe access to chest binders.

In this first 6 month pilot (Mar-Sep 2022), we distributed a total of 58 garments to eligible trans and gender South Australians.

Many recipients were young trans and gender diverse South Australians, with 92% of applicants aged under 26.

Improving mental health is a key focus of the program, with 52% of applicants reporting having a mental illness. Benefits applicants expected to experience from accessing a binder include:

  • improved mental health
  • decreased gender dysphoria
  • increased confidence and self-worth
  • increased rates of affirmation from others.

We’re proud to achieve this impact for our community and are focused on seeking future funding to support this important program.

Donate to TransMascSA and SARAA this GiveOUT Day to help us keep this vital program going!

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